be free from brutal commercialisation, from "artistic" brainwhashing movie-propaganda by bloody dictators from china, russia, iran, for be free from stupid & corrup eu-bureaucrats & politicians. see important cine-leaks channel. we are working on don askarians new site, dedicated to independent movies. support us! western film functionaries are calmly washing the shite and the blood off the shoes of the persian mullahs and the chinese functionaries. they are stupid or for sale - in such context there can be no third definition - however, the combination of both characteristics is a perfect one. many of them let themselves go - or pretend to - in the folkloristic-ethnographic mash: so, that is it: the grey, industrial West, a set of soulless multi-storeyed buildings against a background of the sky, and on the other side - a hot penis or a cunt in a multicoloured necklace, and the call of the unwashed shamans, whereby the latter, one supposes, no for certain, is played by some retired colonel. in filmic terms the post-soviet republics are shoved around between the shoulders, the broad square shoulders, of the white russian lukashenko (looks like a public hangman) and the fur cap, the stinking fur cap of turkmen-bashi (or whoever is wearing it today). they even organize festivals, and what did you expect, then, from the former (is it really right that they are still former?) informers and stasi & kgb collaborators - they have not forgotten those blessed days, when the berlinale, as reliable as a rented whore, doled out prizes for kgb mash - to the soviet films - or to soviet tanks?
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