Cinema MOVIMENTO & NIMMERSATT, Berlin, Germany

2010, on June 3th - 9th

Moviemento and Nimmersatt in Berlin featured a retrospective of Don Askarian's films, including workshops and photo exhibition.


• 03.06.2010, 18.00h - Avetik
• 03.06.2010, 20.00h - Ararat 14 Views
• 04.06.2010, 16.30h - The Bear
• 04.06.2010, 18.00h - Komitas
• 05.06.2010, 14.30h - Nagorno Karabakh
• 05.06.2010, 16.00h - Komitas
• 05.06.2010, 18.00h - Avetik
• 06.06.2010, 16.00h - Musicians
• 06.06.2010, 18.00h - Avetik
• 06.06.2010, 20.00h - Paradjanov + Father
• 07.06.2010, 16.00h - Musicians
• 07.06.2010, 18.00h - Nagorno Karabakh
• 08.06.2010, 16.00h - Ararat 14 Views
• 08.06.2010, 18.00h - On The Old Roman Road
• 09.06.2010, 16.00h - On The Old Roman Road
• 09.06.2010, 18.00h - Ararat 14 Views

Naregatsi Art Institute, Armenia

2010, on January 21th

Naregatsi Art Institute launched "Meeting with Film Director, Photographer Don Askarian" four-day program which included exhibitions, film screenings and master classes.

BigScreen Festival, Kunming, China

2007, on November 27th - December 1th

International Video Festival in China featured 94 films from more than 30 countries focusing, among others, on Don Askarian's works.

Cinema MOSCOW, Yerevan, Armenia


Cinema MOSCOW carried out a photo exhibition and retrospective of Don Askarian's films.

International Film Festival, Split, Croatia

2007, Summer

In the special programme of the festival was held Don Askarian retrospektive, including an exhibition of the photographs and workshop.
Screening of "The Bear", "Komitas", "Avetik", "Paradjanov", "Musicians" and "On the Old Roman Road".

Singapore International Film Festival

2006, April 11th - 17th

The Film festival(with support of Goethe Institute - Singapore) presented a retrospektive of Don Askarian's films conected with a workshop.
The Film Appreciation Workshop consisted of a discussion with director Don Askarian after the screenig of "Komitas" and a talk about the use of symbolism in Cinema.


• 11.04.2006 - Paradjanov
• 12.04.2006 - Musicians
• 15.04.2006 - Avetik
• 16.04.2006 - On the Old Roman Road
• 17.04.2006 - Komitas

Goethe Institute - Singapore

Independent Film Festival of Barcelona, Spain

2004, November 12th - 20th

During the festival five of Don Askarian's films were screened, an exhibition of photographs took place and a workshop about and film making in exil.


• 13.06.2004 - Avetik
• 15.06.2004 - Musicians
• 16.06.2004 - The Bear
• 17.06.2004 - On the Old Roman Road
• 18.06.2004 - Paradjanov

festival's programme

National Gallery of Armenia


An exhibition of the photographs by Don Askarian took place in National Gallery of Armenia.

Neue Kant & Acud Cinemas, Berlin, Germany

2003, October 9th - 15th

As part of CINEDAYS 2003 Neue Kant and Acud Cinemas featured film series by Don Askarian. "Paradjanov", "On the Old Roman Road" and "Musicians" had their premiere in Germany.
An exhibitions of the photograph by the director also took polace in the Neue Kant cinema.

ArtFilm Festval, Trencianske Teplice, Slovakia

2003, June 20th - 28th

Don Askarian with Golden Camera, Art Film festival, 2003. PHOTO by Jan SebMk

The director of the ArtFilm Festival in Trencianske Teplice, Peter Hledik, handed over the Golden Pin of Honour to the Armenian-German director, photographer, author and producer Don Askarian on the occasion of the opening ceremony for the photo exhibition of his works on 21st of June 2003. The day before Don Askarian had already been awarded the "Golden Camera" of the ArtFilm Festival for his life-long contribution to film art.

Peter Hledik said in his opening speech that it would be easy to take a camera into one's hand and to shoot a film but just few filmmakers would be capable of practicing the real art of cinematography. He compared him to filmmakers like Federico Fellini.

In his photographs one could adore the beauty of nature and the human body.


• 21.06.2003 - On the Old Roman Road
• 22.06.2003 - Musicians
• 22.06.2003 - Komitas
• 24.06.2003 - The Bear
• 24.06.2003 - Avetik
• 24.06.2003 - Paradjanov

ArtFilm Festival

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