"...itís not primarily stories or scripts, not characters, or philosophies, not actors, not social ideas, not ideas in general, not themes that interest me in a film; what interests me above all in a film is the film itself, it must be a physical-spiritual-aesthetic-filmic experience, one thatís either there or itís not. Thatís what I know, and where it comes from Ė nobody really knows where it comes from, least of those who teach it. If the film is there, it is not because it has been defined by the audience, not by the producer/director, not by ratings, not in Cannes or in LA, no, it is realised through the film itself, in the context of the film, by every film, every film that has already been made and by every film thatís going to be made in the future, because there is a constant dialogue going on between all films, including those as yet unmade."




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